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Expertise: Material Science

Materials science is a field that studies the behavior and properties of materials. This is of physical and chemical interest, but can also be of great interest to manufacturing companies and enterprises dealing with production and production losses due to the failure or sub-optimal functioning of plant, machinery or tools. materials science is the basis for the behavior of materials functioning in their environment, or in other words, is the material choice "fit for purpose" and suitable for the use of the component. With the knowledge of this behavior, it is possible to assess what properties materials should have for the intended applications and which materials possess these properties. It is also important how best to process, handle and finish the applied materials for optimal operations. The behavior of materials with their environment is affected by many aspects such as temperature, temperature changes, pressure, pressure changes, humidity, chemical stresses and shut-downs and start-ups. Through good metal and material research you will learn more about the reliability, reliability, safety, residual life and durability of your materials, machines and installations. MCI can perform this research for you and advise you whether the materials and installations you use are suitable or optimal for their application.

How can MCI help your company with materials science?

MCI performs inspections and independent materials research. To this end, we specialize in the behavior of materials within an environment and the associated failure mechanisms. To this end, we offer the following services, among others:

The unique aspect of our services lies in the combination of the above services and the pragmatic recommendations that follow. This results in a great power of solution. We bundle various services to provide a comprehensive approach. We perform on-site inspections and establish hypotheses. If required, we then carry out laboratory research, on the basis of which we come up with independent and pragmatic recommendations. If required, we can also assist you with their implementation.

About MCI

MCI is an independent research and knowledge lab specializing in metal and materials science. To make the best use of our specialized knowledge, we are not an unwieldy, layered but a flexible horizontal organization. MCI is both ISO and VCA certified. We emphasize a personal approach to our customers. Our goal is to unburden you. By advising you in pragmatic and fundamental solutions in the field of materials science, we can answer various questions regarding the reliability, safety and durability of your installations, machines and materials for you. MCI operates worldwide and has several employees with more than 40 years of experience in this field.

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Do you have a question about material science, material problems or our services? Please feel free to contact us and ask your question, we will be happy to help you without billing you from the first minute. You can reach us by calling +31 (0)46 410 7764, e-mail and through the contact form on our website.