Content Modules


The goal of all modules is to provide you with more substantive knowledge about the behavior of materials in relation to their environment. Through more knowledge and integral insight into the failure behavior of materials, you are better able to assess the integrity of your installation, which increases the effectiveness of your installation.

The modules are tailored to the level of the participants; as an inspector, reliability engineer, maintenance engineer or manager, you benefit from increased awareness to maintain the integrity and reliability of your installation. In order to optimize the quality of the training courses, most modules ask in advance where you are focusing on within a subject.

+ Metallurgy
During this module the foundation is laid in the conceptualization for the subject of metal science; How are metals manufactured? What kind of mechanical properties do metals actually have? What is metallurgy and what influence does it have? What kind of metals are there? Various of these materials are also discussed, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex.
+ Corrosion
One of the biggest causes of unplanned shut-downs and production losses is corrosion. Within this module the foundations of the different corrosion forms are treated comprehensively. These foundations are the basis for corrosion prevention and how to design to give corrosion no chance.
+ Failure Investigation
There are many causes for the failure of an installation. Consider various types of fatigue, fractures, wear or corrosion. Determining the failure mechanisms is often crucial. In this module, the failure investigation is first dealt with and then provided an insight into the various failure mechanisms by dealing with the various cases.
+ Welding & Welding Problems
Which welding processes are there? How do I know if I can weld something or not? What problems can I encounter while welding? And how can I repair installations correctly? During this module, these questions are fundamentally addressed by a leading welding expert, Mr. H. Schrijen.
+ Reliability & Fitness For Service
Your installation has been repaired, cracks have occurred or corrosion has led to a decrease in wall thickness. How does this affect the reliability of your installation? Can you still use it in the same way and for how long? During this module the FFS principles are discussed, the theory behind it and what these analyzes contribute to a better reliability of your installation.
+ Plastics and Composites
During this module, the structure and properties of plastics and composites are discussed. Processing and specific areas of application are also dealt with. In addition, the possible failure mechanisms for these materials, such as mechanical overload, degradation and chemical attack, will be discussed. Interest areas can be specified in advance and can be processed in this module.
+ Water & Water Treatment
The quality of water is regularly a major concern with regard to the integrity of an installation. During this module, the production and the various treatments of process water, cooling water and boiler water for steam preparation will be discussed, and what problems may arise in the event of incorrect conditioning.