Aanbod 2024


The purpose of this 3-day training is to bring the knowledge level of Inspectors, Engineers, Maintenance, Reliability- and Improvement engineers to a level of sufficient "awareness", to prevent unplanned plant stops. Potential problems can be quickly recognized and addressed in a timely manner. Critical engineering details are often underestimated but are responsible for many failure mechanisms which can occur during operation. This means that knowledge of failure mechanisms and effective inspections, potential failures in an installation can be recognized at an early stage and be prevented in time.


During this module, the principles of material science (metals) are discussed. How are metals manufactured? What are the physical and mechanical properties of different metals? What is the metallurgy and what influence does this have during use? Various carbon- and stainless steels (high temperature, high strength, wear resistant and corrosion resistant steels) are discussed.

One of the biggest causes of unplanned shutdowns and production losses is degradation of materials and components by corrosion. Within this module, the fundamentals of the various forms of corrosion are explained in aa comprehensive manner. These fundamentals are the basis for corrosion recognition, prevention and how to modify to give corrosion less chance.

There are many causes for the failure of a component or installation. Think of various types of fatigue, fractures, wear or corrosion. Determining the failure mechanisms is often critical to improve the reliability of assets. In this module, the course of a failure investigation is discussed, based on many practical examples. The theory acquired from previous modules is brought back together in this module. The various failure investigations that are discussed can be supplemented with issues that participants bring along.

After these training days you are able to assess material failure such as wear, fractures and various types of corrosion problems on the need for action. You will be able to distinguish meaningful actions from those which not need further attention. A better understanding of what is going on will result in a more effective approach to the problem and ultimately a higher reliability of your installations.

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